Sunday, August 19, 2012

Part 1 of my return

Rehab is for quitters, an unfortunately I am a quitter.  Now before you get all Hollywood cliche on me, let me state that I was an alcoholic well before I came to Tinsel Town.  I am Irish after all, we are born mother have me Miller Lite instead of breast milk...or so I like to think.  Oh Miller Lite, how I will miss thee!
Thank you Lacey, Jacey, and Tracey for many years of pouring me a cold one that had more taste and was less filling.

I have actually never done drugs, shocking I know!  Unless you count pot, but I don't.  Anyway, yes I let The Man get to me and got sick of taking it up the proverbial poop shoot and I turned to my three best friends, Jim, Jack, and Johnny.  I spent 60 days in rehab, 30 which were necessary, 30 for good measure.  Thursdays were the worst, not having my traditional Thursday sixer was a killer.  But enough depressing shit, let's get back to why I am back and why maybe two of you are reading this. While in the drunk tank I read scripts...I read a ton...and I read great scripts.  And I can not fucking wait to see them get made!  3 of them are from unknown, unsigned writers...see wannabees there is hope after all...maybe not much, but rest assured some ex-studio exec is in rehab somewhere trying to power through your literary slop while shaking like a rabid dog because he use to do more lines than Nicholas Cage does bad movies.
A movie about elephants that learn karate?  Come to daddy!

Now how am I going to get these movies made?!  I have no fucking idea!  Welcome to my new status, I am currently one of the 9% of Americans that are jobless.  Send food stamps my way.
My new best friend
I am only halfway kidding.  I do know one thing though, there is nothing more that this town loves than a fucking comeback!
Tony Stark gives me faith